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Aurore Epiphanie

Communications & Marketing Consultancy

"Let's shine together !"

My know-how, my spirit of inquiry and my capacity to adapt are fully at your service, to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Every job is handled with utmost discretion and attentive concern for best practices.

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My services


Do you have difficulty in writing ?
Or maybe you do not have time for it ?
You have doubts as to how to spell some words ?
You are not a native French speaker ?

I am a native French speaker and a univeristy graduate.
I am used to writing texts, reports, articles of all kinds and intended for all kinds of audiences (professionals and mainstream).
I write your texts in French with perfect spelling, grammar and syntax.


Do you need content for your blog / website / newsletter ? 

You may lack inspiration or time ? 

You are not sure how to adapt your content to your target audience ?

I have a Master's degree in Communications.
I am trained to select the right message for the preferred target audience.
I help you shape your content in both substance and form to be the most convincing.


You want your brand image to be visually coherent with your acivity ?
You want your copy to be easy to read ?
You need to add some creativity to your business identity ?

My studies and my work experience trained me to use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign.
I bring a fresh, objective eye to your current brand image.
I can help you improve your current communications tools or even propose an entirely new design or concept.

Skills & tools

Global consultancy in Communications

Copywriting (print and web).

Facebook & Instagram posts, articles for your website/ blog, reports, Microsoft Word, Open Office

Visual identity (logo, business cards, flyer,s goodies, short videos...)

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Canva, Lumen5

Showcase websites (with basic features) 

Dorik, Wix, WordPress, GlideApps

Some of my work

Articles and newsletters for "France Volontaires Haïti" (2017 & 2018, in French)

"France Volontaires Haïti" annual reports
(2016 & 2017, in French)

Press releases for "European Cities Marketing"
(in English)

Website for "ABYSMO YOGA"

Website for "HAFENIS"

Website for "Ecole St Louis et Zélie"

Some satisfied clients


Founder of ABYSMO YOGA

“I thank Epiphanie. For weeks, she was guiding me through the creation of my visual digital tools and my global communications. It was a nice, simple and rewarding collaboration. I could see all the sun she has in her attentiveness and in her patience. I took a step forward to visibility !“  


E-business services | Dropshipping

“Thanks Epiphanie for you careful work, your involvement in our projets and your professionalism. We want to tell you that we apreciated your talent, your creativity, your concern about the client's satisfaction and your will to go over their expectations. We are very happy to have worked with you and we are looking forward to collaborate with you again.“  


Job seeker as a Scrum Master

“Epiphanie helped me to write my cover letters and my resume further to my profesionnal retraining. I got positive feedbacks from recruters.“



Working with BAZUBA CONSULTING helped us detect the points that could be improved in our digital marketing communication. Particularly in measuring our NOCODE CAMPUS project's impact. With Epiphanie's professional help, we were able to refine our style and reach a bigger audience. 


Hotel and restaurant

We occasionally but regularly call out BAZUBA CONSULTING for our various needs:

- Pictures

- Updating our website

- Training in nocode tools (canvas, wix)

- Tips for our posts on Instagram and Facebook

- Advice to energize our Lodge

Epiphanie knows how to identify the needs according to the environment and the client's requests. She is also full of ideas!

We thank her for her work. 

My packs

If you need my services, here are 3 standard packs for your social media and image management.
For any specific need, feel free to contact me, we will find a solution !

199€ / month

Pack Majorca

* It is the biggest Island of the Balearic archipel (3640km²)

- 1 post on Facebook / week

- 1 post on Instagram / week

- 2 articles of 500 words each / month

349€ / month

Pack Madagascar

* It is the 5th biggest island of the world (587000km²)

- 2 posts on Facebook / week

- 2 posts on Instagram / week

- 4 articles of 500 words each / month

or 2 articles of 1000 words each / month


Pack Australia

* It is the biggest "island continent" of the world (7692 millions km²)

- Developing a global communications strategy;

- Creating or upgrading your logo (and various tools such as business cards, flyers, paper headings, etc.);

- Creating a showcase website (4 pages) on Wix, or WordPress;

- Creating posts models: Facebook, Instagram, newsletters.

+++ I train you to use your own tools so that you will be able to update them by yourself in the future.
(training : 3 sessions of 2h each)

About me

I aspire to become a digital nomad so that my geo-localisation will never be an obstacle and I can go anywhere.

Tropical islands attract me particularly, but my desire to know the world also pushes me to go to countries such as Zambia, Portugal or Japan !

I have a Bachelor's Degree in International Communications, obtained in English at The University of The Hague (The Netherlands).

I have a Master's Degree in Corporate Communication, obtained in France (University of Nancy 2).

I am also fluent in English and in Spanish.

For 10 years, I was employed as a Communications Officer / Manager for short-term missions by various small organisations or associations in Europe and in Haiti. Thanks to my highly diversified work experience, I have acquired the skills to :

  • develop global communications strategies,
  • create graphic designs,
  • write for the web or for printed documents,
  • organise events.

Further to these missions covering different sectors of the communications field, I founded and launched my own business in 2020: BAZUBA CONSULTING which is based in France. 

My know-how, my spirit of inquiry and my capacity to adapt are fully at your service, to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Every job is handled with utmost discretion and attentive concern for best practices.

Why this name?

I am French, born in Rwanda.
In Rwanda, each child is given its own name. The name I was given at birth could be translated as ''the one that shines''.

I just kept the first part BAZUBA that contains "zuba", from "izuba", the sun in Kiswahili and Kinyarwanda languages. 

In addition, I like the sound of it, it is dynamic and easy to remember.

So, let's shine together !

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Do not hesitate to contact me. All queries receive a reply. 

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